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A New Year: Looking to the Future

Here it is, the end of January 2019. We got through month one, lets all take a deep breath and relax. I know I am late, but here are my New Year goals. Feel free to comment on which goals you want me to blog more about this year. This is my first and most word heavy post for the year. Please comment and let me know what you like and dislike and your own goals. Now lets get to it!

Health Goals

Being healthier is my major goal for this year, just like every year, just like the majority of humans. But this time, I have a plan.

1. I am not going to say I will work out every day, because I am not going to do that. I will say that I am going to work out more days each month than I take off. This is realistic for me. This means as long as I get 4 days a week, every week for a month, I will have met my goal. GO ME!

2. I am not going to go on a diet. I hate them, I like sugar, fat, meat, carbs and everything else that can be ingested and digested by my stomach. I will say that I will eat out less and do better at knowing what is in my food. (I will have a new kitchen with a good oven and a dishwasher, so cooking should feel like a fun activity and not a chore).

3. I am not setting a goal weight. This will stress me out. Numbers have that affect on some of us. I will say that I hope to exit the year at the same or a little less than what I am at now. Maintaining is just as important as loosing.

To help my, I have a good support net of active friends. This is always helpful. I also have a (almost) 2 year old nephew who is constantly on the go, which means I need to keep up.

I also joined a Transformation Challenge through 1upNutrition, I have heard good things about their products so I am excited to try them out.

Social Goals

My most important social goal for myself is to know when to say no and know when I need to say yes. I have a tendency to seclude myself and say no to doing things. My goal is to say yes one extra time a month for something fun.

I also have been missing some of my friends. I plan to make an effort to reach out to people I haven't seen this past year, and continue seeing the people I see now.

Professional Goals:

I have been working within a university library system for the past 5 years. Though I love what I do and where I work, I find myself looking to the future a lot as of late.

When I look into my future, in a perfect world, I see me as a small business owner and an active member of whatever community I live and work in. Considering my strong artistic background and skills I hope to eventually apply these skills to the world through Interior Design.

I just bought a house in December and I have never been more excited to begin moving in, decorating, and bringing the beautiful 1902 Victorian back to life. This process is not going to be done overnight and I want to document my planning, bumps and successes of this whole process on this blog to help gain some traction in the Interior Decorating and Design world.

The next professional step (which might be done in tandem with my own home remodel), will be to get either a master's in Interior Design or some kind of certificate. After that, I will plan to take the boards and become certified.

After becoming certified and working part time as a decorator and/or designer, I might work toward one or two more things:

1. Opening my own business - this would depend on the amount of traffic and interest I get on my part time work as an independent designer. (for this option I might also consider getting an entrepreneur certificate or business degree)

2. Joining a decorating/architectural firm as a decorator and designer- this would be "safer" than going out on my own, but could potentially not be as lucrative.

Both of these things are very far in the future, but they are both options I can take advantage of. I want to put them on here as my aspirations. I know that eventually, after working hard over the next so many years, that this is what I am working toward.

I have one more professional goal for 2019. I want to work toward becoming a Real Estate agent. The whole process of buying my home was fascinating and I want to see if getting involved in this makes sense for me. I would need to do this part time to start and see how it goes.

I want to make a note about my goals. I know I am hoping to do a lot of things "part-time" and that is because I really do not intend to quit or change my current job for the next year. I like what I am doing, it is just not my dream to continue here for the rest of my adult life. This is why I am making goals for me to be able to work AND pursue my dreams.

Personal Goals

On a personal level, I really want to continue working toward self acceptance and ultimately self love. I have spent so much of my life not even liking myself which made me, unofficially, dedicate my 20's to amending that and working toward loving myself.

I have gotten to a point in my life that I look in the mirror and can see a woman who worked her ass off, leaped over many different hurdles, and came out on the other side looking better than ever. When I look back at my road to my current life and I am glad I took the turns I did and glad I had the experiences I did.

Looking forward, I want to continue trusting myself in the decisions I make. I tend to second guess myself and let guilt and other's influence my decisions. This year, I want to amend this and do things for me, by me.

One of my very personal Personal Goals, is to like my body. Just like a lot of people, I have issues with the size I am and the way I look in certain clothing. Though I do want to make my body healthier, I more importantly want to be able to look at myself every day, and say how much I like my body. We should all take time to remember bodies are more than just their size and shape, they are literally physical masterpieces. What our bodies can accomplish to keep us alive is so amazing, we should all take some time each day to thank them for working for us.

Another personal goal for me is to accomplish more in the art and design world. I want to continue blogging about my art, my experiences as an artist and about my interior design future goals. I really hope to advance myself as an artist and designer.

I love that my Personal and Professional goals for this year are so intertwined, it makes me feel very optimistic that I can complete them all.

Financial Goals

I just bought a house. Financially I am going to do my damnedest to save, save, and do more saving.

Now that that is said...

I NEED to also play (see social goals). I just need to make sure that my play comes in under an actual budget threshold, which is yet to be determined.

Jaime Peer looking at Hamilton

I would really like to hear from people about their own goals. Please comment, post your goals, post a picture of your cat, or really anything, I would just like to hear from anyone reading what I am writing.

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