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Eb&Flow is an idea that came to me at the end of 2019 when I was at a very low point of my life. I was unhappy in my current realtionship status, I was not financially stable, I was overwhelmed at work, and my mental health was deteriorating. As a person who works with books, specifically art related books, on a daily basis at her job, I realized how low cost and high reward creating a zine could be for me. Most of the things I was and still am going through are things that most poeple have or might experience and writing and reading about them would be extremely beneficial for me. So I decided to start publishing a zine. Eb&Flow came to me as the name becaue life and all of its individual pieces eb and flow at different times. What is important is documenting both the ebs and the flows to note progress and growth. I hope this zine becaomes a personal archive of my ebs and flows for as long as I have energy and means to create and publish it. 

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